A 10m-wide crater has opened up in a street in suburban Naples, prompting fears that aliens have launched an attack upon the Earth.

The damage was initially thought to have been caused by heavy rainfall, until a series of clips was submitted to a UK newspaper, one of which seems to show an extra-terrestrial war machine emerging from the hole.

Dr Paolo Ingegno, a scientist at Mediterranean Tech (Naples Campus), said: “I’ve been waiting for this to happen. It happened before in Surrey [England] in 1897 but the Tories covered it up. Then in 1938 they invaded New Jersey, USA – the Martians, not the Conservatives – and again in 1953, this time targeting southern California. Now it is happening again, and once more the authorities are trying to bury the truth. They say the damage is due to a burst water pipe, but I know differently!”

This terrifying footage, obtained by The Telegraph early this morning, clearly shows two Neapolitan firefighters’ brave attempts to defeat a Martian tripod by decapitating it with an angle grinder, before the fighting-machine swings wildly round to attack them. The film cuts off before the firefighters and the cameraman were tragically vaporised by the machine’s Heat-Ray.

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